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Hello! My name is Matthäus Mayer. I'm a full-stack developer and DevOps engineer based in southern Germany. I am extremely passionate about developing robust and modern applications. Overall, I'm an IT and technology enthusiast and love to live in a digitalized world. Currently, in 2019, I start contracting and freelancing beside my day job to gain experience in this field and to boot up the business.

I started learning C in 2001 when I was 16 years old and continued with PHP, HTML and CSS. The first major completed project was an asset management web application in 2003 while I completed my apprenticeship at Hewlett-Packard. Since then, I have studied Business Informatics up to my Master's degree and have been employed as a software developer and DevOps engineer.

Technical Interests & Focus

I went through the stages of a full-stack developer from building desktop applications, backends and web frontends until I concentrated on fully automated development workflows and continuously integrated and deployed cloud-native systems. I enjoy learning new frameworks, libraries, programming philosophies and concepts and love to get feedback to constantly improve. This experience and a quick grasp allows a variety of uses for my skills.

Technically, I focus on Golang, Java or PHP for the backend or desktop part and React (ES5/6) for frontend. In past and current projects I have great success with Docker, Kubernetes and Infrastructure as Code at the operations part.


Most of the time I work in IntelliJ IDEA and with the bash command line with iTerm2. I enjoy their features, integration, reliability and speed. For ad-hoc editing I use Visual Studio Code. In the past I have used Eclipse a lot.


I organize my tasks in a kanban-like approach with Trello and follow the Inbox Zero principle. I try to limit micromanagement to one day, but set priorities in a long-term roadmap.

For some time now I have been following the premise of Josh Kaufman's 20 hour rule, which, in my opinion, is a great way of putting pragmatism into practise and bringing me to my current situation. In addition, this opens up the possibility of solving problems and iteratively improving whatever comes out.

Contact & Social Media

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